Professional software development and related services for medium-sized and large enterprises

How should you choose a software developer?

How should you choose a software developer?

What aspects should you focus on when choosing a software developer?

“I have no idea whether the developer only charges me exactly what I need to meet my requirements. Of course it is important that my application is the best possible in terms of functions and reliability, and that it supports me in the long term; additionally, it must be easy to run. But unfortunately I do not understand enough of it to make a pragmatic decision on the costs given to me by the development company…”

What would you say if:

  • you could work with a software development company that assesses your needs free of charge during the first project?
  • after this assessment you receive a comprehensible resources plan (not one full of confusing IT jargon) that enables you to make an informed decision about ordering the system development?
  • you obtain one clear set of specifications after your order that contains the precise details of the development?
  • you receive the requested software at the time you asked for?
  • and it does not cause any problems for your operating team or system administrators?

Common problems during enterprise software development

Areus Infokommunikációs Zrt. has provided development, consultation and testing services to medium-sized and large enterprises for almost 10 years. Most of our clients are financial institutions, which means we have wide-ranging experience with banking applications and systems.

Drawing on our project experience in the banking sphere we feel that we are well aware of the common problems related to development processes:

  • business requirements are difficult to map to development tasks;
  • communication problems can arise between business/project office and IT;
  • support from the developers to the operators of the IT systems is not always completely smooth;

efforts to lower costs can prevent certain development tasks from being carried out;


Fortunately, we have solutions for the majority of these problems!

Professional software development solutions from Areus Zrt.

Professional software development solutions from Areus Zrt.

Our advisors analyse the business requirements and problems, then by using modern requirement analysis techniques coupled with specification tools they professionally map these to IT tasks and close the communication gaps.

We prepare training materials to support operating activities, presenting and documenting in detail all of the operating tasks related to the developments.

In terms of software development we have significant JAVA development experience. Our developers undergo continuous training in using the latest JAVA technologies.

As an IT company we are obviously well aware of the advances being made by open source technologies. We focus separately on various Linux installations and also deal with open-source application server environments. Additionally, we are obviously well-versed in WebSphere and are actively engaged in Weblogic environments for instance. In our JAVA-based programming we strive to ensure development tool independence.


Software testing and quality assurance: key development issues

Software testing and quality assurance: key development issues

Testing and quality assurance tasks are accorded key roles in our projects.

We have also accumulated substantial project experience in using relational database management systems, database development and optimisation (Oracle). We employ other database managers too, such as MS SQL and DB2.

And, we actively use modern version-management tools as well.

Our aim is to ensure that everyone enjoys their work, and that they deal with the things they are most proficient in and can carry out most efficiently.

Why should you choose Areus as your software development partner?

  • More than 200 successful development projects at banking clients
  • Our specialist development and support team has carried out software development projects for medium-sized and large enterprises for almost 10 years
  • Our personnel undergo regular training and have the latest qualifications; they also participate in professional conferences
  • In Hungary for example we developed the disaster-tolerant environment for Erste Bank’s bankcard system.

We do not just talk about software development and related services in general; step-by-step we share our expertise that has been refined over many years


What do our clients say?

Can we offer you the software development services of Areus Zrt.?

We offer software development and related services to medium-sized and large enterprises, who want to use their IT systems for the purpose of responding quickly to changing business and client requirements, but who are also seeking a reliable and stable system environment.

We are offering you a free 2-hour consultation on your software development needs and problems!
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