How can you raise the value of your business with your own iPhone app?

iPhone app: the perfect marketing tool to develop your company’s brand and reputation!

Did you know that:

  • Apple devices have become part of everyday life

    Apple devices have become part of everyday life

    The iPad is one of the world’s most sought-after products?

    • There are currently almost 500,000 applications for the iPhone, and this number is rising dynamically?
    • According to research by T-Mobile, 96% of Hungarian smart-phone users use some application every day?
    • iPhone users are the most active, producing higher numbers in every segment than all other mobile platforms?
    • Many successful international companies have their own iPhone and iPod, applications, which make a huge contribution to developing and raising awareness about their brand name?

Why should you have your own iPhone application?

In April 2011 at an international banking conference held in Berlin, Brett King, author of bestselling book Bank 2.0, put a question to the almost 200 IT specialists in attendance, all of whom work in the banking sector. The question was this: How many of you manage all of your electronic correspondence on mobile devices, more specifically on the iPhone or the iPad?

Roughly half of the audience put their hands up. So yes, using mobile telephones extensively in all facets of life is no longer wishful thinking, it’s already reality.

But why is it good for you if you have your own iPhone application?

  • Each and every download of the application from the App Store generates direct revenue for you (assuming it is a paid application)
  • It reaches your target group directly, and you can pass on individual messages
  • Your company is constantly in people’s pockets (and therefore in their heads too)
  • You can say to your partners and clients that your company is a modern and innovative enterprise
  • It is ideal for brand development, having your own creative iPhone app is “trendy”


iPhone app success story

Having an innovative mobile solution can pave the way to riches, here is one interesting example:

Many of us often visit a favourite café near our workplace with colleagues. But what if we didn’t have to take our wallets full of small change when we go down, and instead just put our iPhone in our pocket and then pay with that once we finish our coffee?

Well, at the beginning of 2011, Starbucks in the United States found the answer.


iPhone app as a source of revenue?

iPhone app as a source of revenue?

To use this service, first of all you have to open an account and credit it with a bank transfer, then you have to download the iPhone app to your telephone. Thereafter when you go into one of the shops, all you have to do is show the three-dimensional barcode on your telephone’s display when you want to pay, which is scanned by the cashier with a barcode reader. After a few seconds you receive a message that the payment was successful, followed by the new balance on the account.

It’s extremely simple, but what’s more important, it works and generates significant revenue!


Why is an iPhone app better than a website optimised for mobiles?

  • Users pay for it;
  • You can offer a user experience that a website just cannot replicate;
  • The functions can be more sophisticated, creating an impression of “higher quality”;
  • You are in the users’ telephones, and therefore in their minds!

Why should you choose Areus for your iPhone app development?

With an iPhone app you reach your target audience all day!

With an iPhone app you reach your target audience all day!


  • We help you to select the topic for your iPhone app with specific ideas and suggestions, tailored to the target audience for your company
  • We have a professional iPhone and iPad development and testing team, which focuses only on your requirements
  • We undertake to develop individual iPhone or iPad applications with short deadlines;
  • We also help to market the finished app, if required.
  • We don’t just talk about iPhone development in general: our “Name-Day Manager” iPhone app was the leading app in the Hungarian App Store for weeks



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