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EMC offers high-end companies and mid-range users and businesses various solutions all related to storing and managing information. This includes data storage, data backups, data archiving, disaster-recovery and business continuity solutions. These products have been developed by EMC continuously since 1979, partly in-house but also through strategic acquisitions. In terms of product portfolio development we should mention that EMC focuses not only on hardware development but also on software development. The success of this software development is illustrated by EMC’s inclusion on the list of the 10 largest software manufacturers in terms of software sales volumes. EMC has grown to become a key player on the global IT storage market, with significant shares on the markets for SAN and CAS-based storage systems as well as software for the entire life-cycle and management of stored information.

Areus Zrt. has been a key partner of EMC in Hungary since 2000, and a member of the Authorized Services Network which provides the most sophisticated services.

Hewlett-Packard (HP)

Hewlett Packard offers an almost complete range of enterprise IT products and services to meet the information technology requirements of businesses. In terms of central IT infrastructure, its enterprise solutions include high-performance blade servers, data backup and data replication solutions. We can also mention its high availability disaster-tolerant server and the HP NonStop fault-tolerance solutions.

Areus Zrt. is the exclusive partner, representative and distributor in Hungary for HP Nonstop enterprise solutions.


Founded in 1993, Informatica Corporation (NASDAQ:”INFA”) is a worldwide leader in enterprise data integration and data quality softwares and services. Informatica provides a comprehensive, flexible and scalable data integration platform that enables organizations to gain a competitive advantage in today’s global information economy by empowering them with timely, relevant and trustworthy data for their top business imperatives, integrating and consolidating fragmented data throughout various disparate enterprise applications. Tested on nearly 500,000 combinations of platforms and applications, supporting the broadest possible range of disparate standards, systems and applications, Informatica’s product portfolio forms a toolset for establishing and maintaining enterprise-wide data warehouses, including ETL processing: Application Information Lifecycle Management, Test Data Management, Persistent and Dynamic Data Masking, Application Archiving and Retirement, Cloud Data Integration, Data Quality, Data Replication, Data Virtualization, Master Data Management, B2B Data Exchange, Complex Event Processing, Ultra Messaging.

From 2012 on, Areus Infocommunication Plc. is the exclusive Hungarian partner, representative and distributor for Informatica enterprise software solutions.

International Business Machines (IBM)

IBM has evolved from being the longest-standing hardware manufacturer to the largest information technology services provider and leading software developer as well as a supplier of comprehensive IT solutions. As part of its traditional enterprise hardware range it offers a wide spectrum of computer systems, including disk, network and tape storage equipment, data backup and archiving solutions as well as an extremely broad range of servers.

Areus Zrt. is a distributor for IBM in Hungary.


NetApp (Network Appliance) is one of the most innovative and leading manufacturers in the field of data storage. With its storage hardware systems and storage software solutions, NetApp helps clients to store, manage and protect data and information that is important to them and preserve it in the long term. At the vanguard of technological development they help businesses take advantage of cost-effective solutions but always seek out new opportunities. Netapp has traditionally been strong in file storage, or in Network Attached Storage (NAS) and the whole range of software solutions built around these systems. The intelligent management of snapshots and disk copies is also a strong point of Netapp, along with their application for the most varied of purposes.


Oracle, previously recognised as the main supplier of databases, has steadily expanded its spectrum of products to include enterprise resource planning systems and other wide-ranging solutions.

Areus Zrt. was previously a key partner of SUN, and through the Oracle-SUN merger has continued to strengthen its links with Oracle. Now as a Gold Partner of Oracle and a qualified system integrator, Areus remains a distributor of Oracle-Sun servers as well as data storage and data backup systems and other Oracle products.


Symantec, which now includes Veritas Software, offers advanced storage management software for enterprises. This helps its clients to safeguard, protect and effectively manage what is most important to them: their data and information. The main software products of Symantec/Veritas include leading data protection and backup software solutions (NetBackup for large enterprises and Backup Exec for smaller organisations), the leading volume management software (Veritas Volume Manager VxVM), the first main journalling file system (Veritas File System VxFS) and a popular cluster solution that can be run on various operating systems (VCS Veritas Cluster Server).

Veeam uses a new approach to backup, replicate, and manage virtual machines. Thanks to the direct command of the hypervisor, it is more than 95% faster than conventional backup technologies, backup and restore time, and sometimes it is 50x faster in replication. Using the software the cost of backup and replication can be reduced more than 70%.
Veeam has started to save virtualized backup environments from new approaches. Breaking down the traditional-based agent-based backup technologies solves both backup and replication tasks in an agent-free environment. In addition to agentless backups, physical environments can be used by snap-in agents to backup native Windows and Linux environments. The device supports and manages the state-of-the-art deduplication appliances and tape libraries.

Areus Zrt. is a Veeam ProPartner Gold Reseller partner


VMware is a pioneer in virtualisation software and cloud computing solutions as well as a leading global manufacturer. The tried and tested solutions from VMware help to simplify IT infrastructure and make it more efficient, thereby making information technology services faster and more flexible. This means that it is not only IT systems but also the entire IT infrastructure, IT operations and the IT organisation that is able to react more quickly to changing demands and thus become more dynamic. VMware helps to exploit the opportunities inherent in cloud computing by enabling the continued use of existing information technology tools and developments whilst also giving effective support to security and regulatory, monitoring and operational issues of cloud-based computing. The traditional flagship product from VMware is its server virtualisation software (VMware ESX/ESXi), which runs directly on the server hardware as a virtualisation platform (without any general operating system as a host machine), i.e. the most common and most outstanding embedded hypervisor. VMware also offers “personal” or “desktop” virtualisation solutions which generally run on personal computers and common operating systems (Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) along with desktop virtualisation solutions for user clients.

Areus serves its clients as key enterprise partner of VMware and a solution provider, primarily as a specialist in virtualised server infrastructure.


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    „Alongside its many years of experience and practice, Areus constantly seeks out new and innovative technological solutions. This is why they opted for NetApp technology, which in recent years has made the most dynamic progress in data storage. With its qualified professionals and years of experience, Areus brings the most out of the innovative NetApp technology and opens up new perspectives for its clients that were previously inconceivable with conventional technologies.”
    Zsolt Bárány, managing director, Netapp
  • What our partners say

    „Areus and HP have a long-standing and stable partnership. I have no qualms in recommending Areus Zrt. and their services to our clients. One company obviously can't know everything, but they are highly specialised in one or two areas, and here, I believe, they are the market leader in Hungary.”

    Lajos Verbovszki, sales manager, HP