Professional system integration, or in other words, how successful medium-sized companies and large enterprises build their integrated IT infrastructure?

Find out more about the professional system integration services and activities used by leading enterprises.

If you work in the IT department of a large or medium-sized enterprise, or are at least aware of such activities, then you are surely aware of the importance and necessity of system integration. Please allow us to point out a few of the more important aspects when it comes to system integration.

Key aspects of system integration

Key aspects of system integration

Information technology infrastructure at medium-sized and large enterprises comprises various systems and elements, often from different manufacturers. These software and hardware components collectively support key business processes. The professional design of the links and interaction between these components along with careful construction of the system guarantees that IT and business processes will run smoothly and efficiently.

What are the common system integration tasks at a company?

Here are some examples of system integration activity:

1. Alignment of new server into existing IT infrastructure

Let’s assume you want to install a new server into your infrastructure. The server must be attached to the storage network and the computer network (IP network, LAN), it has to run an appropriate and supported operating system as well as the desired applications and services. The server and the software installed on it must be subject to appropriate monitoring (management) and the data must be suitably protected (in other words: backed up).

It’s quite clear then that many conditions and parameters have to be taken into account, even during the simple installation of a common everyday server.

2. Design of a Storage Area Network (SAN)

Let’s say you want to convert an existing and evolved storage network (SAN – Storage Area Network), and consolidate it so that during these activities the continuous operation of SAN-related critical systems and servers is not disturbed. Older generation FC adapters which are smaller and less efficient are replaced during operations, and the network is migrated to superior, scalable FC directors with high availability.

 3. Making copies of given applications

In certain situations, copies or snapshots must be made of a system, application or database. These copies are useful for testing purposes, swiftly transferring or sharing masses of data between systems, provisional checks for delicate software updates, or even security copies (backups) that enable the quick restoration of data. If the purpose of the snapshot  is to protect data (backup), then it can be used during traditional (tape) backups as well: in this context the copy must be prepared at the start of the backup process by using a script, and great care must be taken to ensure the consistency of the data (e.g. stateful, relational databases buffered at several levels).

4. Changing the version of a server’s operating system

Let’s assume you want to change the operating system software on one of your servers. This means that applications have to be tested with the new version of the operating system, and it must be checked that the new O/S version is compatible with the various pieces of hardware, especially the storage system.

 5. Software version upgrade for storage system

Let’s say you want to install a new software version on your storage system (disk storage, RAID array). The servers attached to the storage system first have to be checked to make sure they work seamlessly with the new software version.

Which enterprises would benefit from the system integration services of Areus?

Should we offer our services to you?

Should we offer our services to you?

Our services are designed for you if:

  • You’re planning to acquire new hardware (server, storage system, backup system). We install and configure the various elements of the system so that they form integral parts of existing and future infrastructure.
  • You’re about to reconfigure or migrate IT infrastructure components. We make recommendations regarding optimal operation, we plan the most appropriate settings and parameters and  carry out the necessary changes.
  • You’re faced with specific requirements and tasks that cannot be resolved with the standard solutions of any given manufacturer. We put together tailored solutions comprising state-of-the-art products from several manufacturers if necessary, elaborate detailed plans and create the system.
  • You want full-scale IT infrastructure operation from a professional system integrator

Why choose Areus Zrt.?

The systems built by Areus Zrt. create uniform, coordinated and integrated IT infrastructure which ensures the smooth and efficient operation of IT and business processes in the long run.

  • Countless successful system integration projects at the largest and most demanding of Hungarian clients, with critical and particularly complex systems and environments
  • Our know-how is not industry-specific: our clients include the largest Hungarian banks, insurance companies, public-sector bodies, industrial and services companies
  • Our team of professionals has more than 10 years of experience in system integration for large enterprises
  • Our personnel undergo regular training and have the latest qualifications; they also participate in professional conferences
  • We don’t just deal with system integration in general and theoretically: we offer tried and tested solutions relying on our decade of experience with large enterprises

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