Design of professional IT infrastructure for data centres at medium-sized and large companies

Are you absolutely positive that your company’s data centre will be able to meet your business requirements in the future as well?

At each and every medium-sized and large company, business processes and the quality of services are heavily influenced by the IT infrastructure of data centres. A data centre is not only a central location for servers, data storage systems, data storage networks and software, it is also the most important aid for and a vital part of business processes. Your company cannot operate without a proper data centre.

There’s one important thing you have to know!

Data centre challenges

If the data centre expertise only focuses on certain elements then there will be no balance or synergy between the individual parts, which in turn means that you are not getting the most out of your time, money and energy!

Basic issues with data centres:

  • How do you protect yourself against faulty hardware?
  • Which technology should be used to replace old servers?
  • What is the most reliable solution for storing business data?
  • How do you connect your servers with your data storage systems?
  • How can you monitor these devices and manage their configuration?
  • How can you design an environment that is scalable and where future business requirements can also be met?

Design of IT infrastructure: what’s really important?

Modifying infrastructure requires broad expertise and meticulous planning. It is extremely important that the tools acquired are easy to scale and work seamlessly with one another. If we ignore these crucial aspects even at the early development stages, this can cause major headaches in the long run and lead to problems that are difficult and expensive to rectify, along with major constraints:

Ill-conceived data centre design is just asking for trouble

Ill-conceived data centre design is just asking for trouble


Areus Zrt. has significant references in the field of IT infrastructure for data centres:

  • Construction and day-to-day configuration of data storage systems with capacities of hundreds of terabytes
  • Relocation of infrastructure comprising hundreds of servers between business sites
  • Online copies of business data, even to remote sites more than 100km away
  • Design of data centre IT infrastructure, in which setting up a new environment (e.g. server environment, application instance) takes just a few seconds

Would you like to work with a team of professionals which:

  • Areus Zrt. data centre expertise

    Areus Zrt. data centre expertise

    comprises specialists who have more than 10 years of experience in system integration projects for large companies?

  • not only focuses on one product group or the products of one manufacturer but knows the product ranges of many leading manufacturers?
  • can select the solution that best suits your environment?
  • takes not only current but also future requirements into consideration during the planning and design phases?
  • has some of the most outstanding client references of all system integration companies in the area of designing and optimising IT infrastructure for data centres?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then get in touch with us:

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Secure business operations are a top priority for most organisations. However, the majority are only confronted with the IT implications of this when there is some serious disruption to computer systems, an IT disaster occurs, or data is lost. Don’t take the risk! Ask for our professional advice now!


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